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Protect Valuables and Breakables

Tips to protect your valuables and breakables

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Tips to Protect Valuables & Breakables

  • Any boxes that contain breakable items should be marked with the word "FRAGILE".
  • Wrap fragile articles using two layers of white wrap per glass, dish, figurine, etc. Wrap firmly but loosely enough to provide a cushioning effect. We provide clean white wrap at a low cost upon request.
  • Do not use newspaper when packing fine china or crystal, as the ink has a tendency to stain. We can provide white wrap for protecting delicate glassware.
  • Pack glassware standing on end, upside down. Dishes are better stacked on the edge. Pad out empty spaces with wadded paper. Dish towels can also help pad glassware.
  • Cushion lamps and other fragile household items with pillows and bedding.
  • Pack mirrors and pictures in the special carton designed for them.
  • Valuable books should be wrapped individually, rather than bundled with other books.
  • The company can give you ideas on how to deal with delicate items such as fine art.

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